9 Times P!nk Shut Down The Haters

 "I don't take well to bullying, I never have," P!nk said to Entertainment Tonight. One of our favourite fierce famous ladies has been a huge advocate for speaking out about body shaming, strength and self acceptance - and we love her for it. She told E.T: "I'm not a person that will be bullied. I'm not a person that will stand by and watch other people bullied.....I think that I'm also raising a girl. I am a girl. I have feelings. People think that I take no shit and that I'm tough, I'm tougher than nails. But I'm a human being. I think people have gotten it wrong, they think their opinion matters and holds weight....And I don't know why they're giving themselves so much credit. So I thought it was important to remind them that I don't care. My life is full, I like food a lot -- I really like to cook, I like to live. I find joy in that and we're doing all right in the Hart household." Damn, we love her. Here are 9 more times P!nk shut down the haters and took ownership of her awesomeness: slide_425330_5480594_compressed slide_425330_5480590_compressed slide_425330_5480586_compressed slide_425330_5480582_compressed slide_425330_5480580_compressed slide_425330_5480578_compressed slide_425330_5480576_compressed slide_425330_5480574_compressed slide_425330_5480572_compressed H/T: Huffington Post

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