9 Ways You Are Aging Yourself (and What To Do About It)

Is there such thing as a fountain of youth? Not sure, but I’m eager to find out.
I have always had an interest in aging, how we age and why we do. It is not just about wrinkles; aging includes our mental and physical state. I hope to grow old and be able to still live a life where I feel vibrant. In my research throughout the years, I have found that there are some things that we may be doing daily that will take a toll on our overall aging process and make us appear and feel older than we really are. Keep reading to see if you are doing any of the following 9 ways that you may be aging yourself before your time and what you can do about it! 1. Eliminating fats Fats are essential for our bodies and brain function. Completely eliminating them can wreck havoc on our body systems and cause mental distress. However, ensure you are eating healthy fats, such as those found in nuts and avocados, as opposed to hydrogenated and trans fats. 2. Eating too many refined sugars
Refined sugars cause inflammation and oxidation within the body, speeding up the aging process in both your body and on your skin. Instead, opt for slow-releasing carbs that your body can thrive on.
3. Yo-yo dieting Rapid and repeated weight gain and loss changes a person’s face shape by weakening the ligaments that maintain facial integrity. Instead of doing crash diets, make overall lifestyle changes that support your weight goals that include exercise and  a healthy diet.
4. Not drinking enough water
Dehydration will suck the life out of your cells and cause your skin to become dry and scaly. Not only that, you can hurt your organs by not allowing them to run optimally as toxins begin to accumulate. A rough estimate of how much water you should be consuming follows the formula: body weight in pounds/2= number of ounces daily
5. Sitting for too long A sedentary lifestyle increases a vast number of health risks, many of which cannot be reduced by increased exercise alone. Sitting too long is a hazard to our health. Be sure to take regular breaks from your desk to get moving (opt for a standing desk, if possible) and spend less time on the couch to increase your chances of living longer.
 6. Multitasking With all the distractions and things to do nowadays, time management can be a bit of a hassle. Some of us are able to multitask what appears to be seamlessly, but in reality our brains are not meant to handle that much input all at once. Mistakes are made, retention rate is much lower,  and our relationships don’t get the true attention they deserve. The stress that accompanies multitasking, the wasted time from having to redo a mistake and dwindling relationships pay a toll on our aging process. Slow down and focus on one or two things that you can do right now instead of trying to do it all at once. 7. Not getting enough sleep It's not called beauty sleep for nothing. While we dreaming the night away, our bodies are busy repairing themselves. Without adequate rest, our bodies cannot recover from the day’s stressors. It is recommended that the average adult should sleep 7 to 9 hours per night.
8. Sleeping with your face on the pillow Since most of us spend more time sleeping that creating any single facial expression, our sleep position can create wrinkles, especially if we are sleeping with our face on the pillow. Not only does our skin get smashed into the pillow, the pillowcase (which in most cases is made of cotton) draws moisture away from the skin, leading the way for those smash marks on your face to become permanent. Satin or silk pillows help, but the best bet would be to train sleeping on your back or getting a specialty pillow with a hollowed-out area on each side for side sleepers.
9. Negative attitude
Your overall attitude and your attitude towards aging play a large role in how you age and how long you live. Negative attitudes tend to be a self-fulfilling  prophecy. Find a way to manage your stress and maintain a positive attitude to not only live a longer life, but life a longer life in good health.

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