9 Ways to Make Exercise A Positive Addiction!

Getting hooked on the health benefits of exercise will definitely improve your life! You will have more energy, mental alertness, a better mood and glowing skin. Here are 9 ways to make sure you get hooked and stay hooked on fitness: #1 Rise And Shine Lounging around in bed makes you feel extra tired, so get up and out as soon as you wake up! Exercising early will guarantee you more energy and better brain function throughout the day. #2 Commit To 4 Weeks 4 weeks is a good time frame for the feel-good power of exercise to really stick with you. After 4 weeks, you can choose to stay with this routine or change it up! Put your this time to good use by signing up for a free 30 day trial of SweatFlix℠. SweatFlix℠ has over 115 hours of real time, on demand workouts covering everyone from beginner to seasoned fitness veteran. With new content being added each week, there will always be something new and exciting for you to discover! Give your life a shot in the arm and try it for 4 weeks! What do you have to lose? #3 Join A Class Grab some friends and sign up for spinning, yoga or dance! You will be more likely to stay with a class which you have to pay for, and one you attend with your besties. #4 Sneak In Some Fitness Have a boring break at work? Run up the stairs. Making plans with an old friend? Schedule a hike or rent bikes for the day. Slumped on the couch? Throw on an online workout. #5 Don't Overdo It Often it is beginners who get injured trying to go too hard and too fast at the gym. Start slowly and build up your fitness level. #6 Reward Yourself Make exercise your reward for the day by putting together an awesome playlist of songs you can only listen to when working out. Or save your favourite TV show for watching as you lift weights. #7 Set Sustainable Goals Don't go crazy and say you're going to develop a 6-pack by the end of a 2 week workout. And remember that even attainable goals may change, but how you feel and your health improvements are what's most important. #8 Journal It Keep track of your progress to look back on as a source of motivation. Write down your weight loss, muscle gain, fitness level or just your mood! #9 Get Creative Join a fun run like a "colour" obstacle race, a mud run or a fitness event for charity. Train with a team and have a blast while keeping fit! How do you stay motivated?  

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