9 Ways To Rock A Bikini - At Any Size or Shape

Since when did having a "beach body" mean being super toned? It doesn't! You simply bring your butt (no matter what it's size) to the beach. You don't need to fast, cleanse or cut out carbs from your life to go the beach - just go! That being said, we know it's hard to be confident when you're basically in your underwear - especially if body confidence is already a soft spot for you. That's where these 9 ways to rock a bikini come from: whether they're confidence-boosting tips or a optical illusions, these small changes can make you feel much happier about being nearly naked in public.

1. Try a bunch of stuff on

Your bikini does't have to be the super trendy tiny strappy kind - especially if it doesn't make you feel good. Test out a variety of different styles, sizes, cuts and materials. Also, don't rule out high-waisted bikinis either – if you're concerned about your belly, they're a great halfway point between covering up completely and flashing a flirty patch of skin.

2. Get a tan

No we don't mean go and bake yourself in the sun or spend hours in a tanning bed - but a little bit of fake bake can go a long way to boosting your confidence in the nearly naked state. A subtle tan can make your limbs appear more toned and improve the appearance of cellulite, without masking your shape.

3. Exfoliate

So you don't want a fake tan but still want your skin to look deliciously shiny and healthy: exfoliation is another easy way to make yourself look fresh and glowy in a matter of minutes. Use a gentle scrub and remember to moisturise afterwards. Goodbye dry patches, hello hydrated sun goddess skin!

4. Waterproof your make up

For some people, it's not having make-up on than makes them feel the most self conscious at the beach. That being said, heavy make-up doesn't really fair too well in the summer months. If you really need coverage for a confidence boost, go with a slick of BB cream and some waterproof eye make up that will last through any amount of sweat or swim. You'll still feel polished but won't have to worry about your face looking like it's half melted off.

5. Stand up straight

Pro tip: it doesn't matter how fit you are, no one looks that pretty hunched over. Posture makes ALL the difference when you've not got layers of clothes to hide underneath. Don't suck it in, just stretch up tall, throw your shoulders back and stand with as much confidence as you can muster. Straightening your spine is literally the quickest and most effective change you can make - not to mention it's free. blog176

6. Choose foods that work for your body

No, we don't mean dieting. We mean choosing foods that prevent you from feeling sluggish or bloated can help you feel lighter, healthier and more likely to throw your suit on without a second thought. This is different for everyone and no one knows your body like you!

7. Think about your hair

'Big hair don't care' applies. Adding volume to your hair draws attention to the upper half of your body, balancing your silhouette and providing a distraction from any parts you may not want people focusing on. Ponytails are also effective, as they add height to your stature and stretch you out. You can also rock a sun hat!

8. Try a heel

Maybe not on the sand, but certainly pool side! Opting for a wedge sandal or small heel can make your entire body appear longer and leaner.

9. Look to others

When you need an extra boost, go online. There a million of pictures of stunning women in their bikinis and no, not just single digit sizes either. Sometimes looking at someone who is comparable to you in size and shape, looking confident, can give you a much healthier sense of perspective when you can't find it looking at your own body . H/T: Cosmo

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