9 Ways Yoga Makes Sex Better

Yogis have held a reputation for being amazing lovers. I mean, with all the bending and twisting and heavy breathing...they have to be, right? Though yoga is applauded for many things such as its ability to open hips, get legs around heads, and strengthen pelvic floors that lead to greater orgasms, the real reasons yoga makes you a better lover goes far beyond the physical.


Yoga has been known to develop the following: 1. Awareness, both of self and others. Aware of how your body moves..where it is in space...the things it likes and the things it would rather avoid. Aware that in essence we are so much more than what we tell ourselves. 2. Staying in the present and being able to fully connect with your lover in and out of bed (which allows your mind to stop wandering when you're making love). 3. Relaxation and being able to let your body melt and your mind quiet down. 4. Confidence. Yoga has a way of showing you what your body is capable of and changing it in positive ways which makes you feel better naked. It helps you discover you truly are and how to own it. 5. Listening skills. Yoga develops your listening skills in quietude. You learn to listen to your body, and in turn, learn to listen to others speech and body language more intently. 6. Understanding that if you want to change the world, the changes must start from within. The only person who you have control over changing is you. 7. Patience. There are many ups and down with yoga practice, just like relationships. Lots of falls. Many times when you just can't.get.in.that.pose. ugh. Then at some point you realize that the more you fight against it, the greater the challenge becomes; but if you have patience and try to look at something in a different way, what you seek will find you. 8. Giving of yourself, of your time, of your love with no expectations. 9. Love.  Self-love, first and foremost. People will treat you the way you treat yourself. If you don't love yourself, how can you expect someone else to love you? You'll seek love in all the wrong places when it all begins from within. And once you find that love, it will run over to all you come across because you have so much to share. You've always been complete. You've always been loved. And in this state of being, it takes a lot of pressure off of everyone and just allows everyone to simple be. beyonce-visual-drunk-in-love-emag-1024x769-500x375c And yes, yoga physically opens you up to get you into all sorts of crazy poses that can blow someone's mind (Tantric sex, anyone?) only to be relived in our minds or anticipated in the future when it's not happening in the right now. But a spiritual and mental connection, however, will always be stimulating your lover in the present moment even when you're miles apart. Luckily, yoga can help you be a better lover in all three areas. And if you and your lover can practice together, imagine how much you two can grow in this love. summerperezacrokiss  

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