A Handful Of Nuts A Day Can Extend Your Life By 2 Years!

Many of us have considered, at one time or another. how great it would be to live longer. There is always more to see, more to do, people to meet, and experiences to share. Wouldn't it be wonderful if a simple little diet hack could extend your life, even just a little? According to recent science, such a hack does actually exist. It turns out that eating one handful of nuts (about 30 grams) at least five days a week can extend your life by up to two years. inpost Several major studies have discovered that people who eat nuts tend to live longer and suffer fewer deaths from heart disease, respiratory disease, and cancer. Researchers at Harvard University found that women at a high risk for heart disease, who ate a tablespoon of peanut butter five or more days a week, cut their risk of heart attack in half compared to women who only had one serving or less a week. Adolescent girls who consumed one or more servings of peanuts a week, had a significantly lower risk of developing lumpy breasts, which can be a marker for an increased risk of breast cancer. inpost3 [bctt tweet="A Handful Of Nuts A Day Can Extend Your Life By 2 Years!"] Because they are high in fat, and therefore high in calories, you may be wondering if adding nuts to your diet will make you gain weight. The good news is that the answer appears to be NO! (Want more helpful diet information? Check out the BodyRock Meal Plan). At the present time, there have been around 20 clinical trials on nuts and weight gain and not one of them has shown the gains you might expect. In the trials, the nut-eaters consumed one or two handfuls a day. They experienced either less weight gain than expected, no weight gain or an actual weight loss. In one of the trials, subjects ate 120 pistachios a day for three months and didn't gain any weight at all. inpost2 So how is it possible to consume that many extra calories and not gain weight? One theory is that the cell walls of nuts pass through our bodies undigested, eliminating about 10% of those calories. Another 70% can be accounted for by the fact that nuts make you feel fuller, faster -- prompting you to eat less overall. As for the rest of the calories, the answer is found in your metabolism. Nuts boost your metabolism so when you eat them, you end up burning more of your own fat. Researchers found that over an eight hour period, people eating an average diet burned off about 20 grams of fat. When walnuts were added to that average diet, they burned about 31 grams of fat! Incredible, right? Will you be adding more nuts to your diet? Source: Daily Mail

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