A Makeup Addict Goes Au Natural For 1 Week And Vows NEVER Again!

Pippa Park is a self-professed makeup addict. She can't face the world with a bare face, not even at the gym! The 26-year-old was very nervous to partake in a beauty challenge where she had to go completely natural for 1 whole week. beauty makeup addiction "The more scared I felt, the more I knew I had to do it. As a feminist and a strong believer in personality over looks, I was ashamed at the voice inside me saying ‘no’." the London native explains. The get over the hurdle of her first day, Pippa attempted to prettify herself by curling her hair. She hid behind a big pair of sunglasses when she stepped out her door. She was thankful that sun made an excellent excuse to cover up. bare clear skin health Her confidence was shaken on the second day after concerned friends noticed her untouched complexion and asked if she was sick. By the third day, work colleagues began asking if she was ill or had a hangover. Her biggest challenged arrived on the fourth night - a date. "At first I feel vulnerable, but after a glass or two of wine I'm relaxed and we got on brilliantly." confessed Pippa. After the week from hell for the cosmetic junkie, she resolves that despite her want to embrace her natural beauty, she will never be going bare faced again. "It’s part of my uniform in a way. I like to look and feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, that’s just me." she explained. Regardless of the results, a break from makeup can be beneficial for your skin every now and then. It opens up your pores and lets your skin breathe to make you look more radiant. What are your thoughts? Could you ever go a week without makeup? Source: Daily Mail Do you follow us on Instagram? snapchat code

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