A Match Made In Heaven: Dark Chocolate and Parmesan Cheese

In recent years, dark chocolate has been paired with a smorgasbord of seemingly strange food companions, ranging from bacon to potato chips. This sweet and savoury combo is definitely a winner and we’ve discovered an even more delicious - and more unlikely - edible coupling. Dark chocolate has long been praised for it’s antioxidant properties, but the superpowers of parmesan cheese have tended to linger in the shadows. Well, no longer! Perhaps most impressively, parmesan cheese is easy to digest. Whereas animal protein can take 4 hours to digest, parmesan only takes 45 minutes. What’s the secret? This cheese is long ageing, so a lot of the protein in Parmesan has already broken down into peptones, peptides and free amino acids. This means protein is readily available and very easy to digest. Not only is the protein easy on your system, but it also contains 33% protein. Compare this to 20% in lean beef.


No problem. Parmesan has no lactose. Better still, it promotes the development of Bacillus Bifidus, which helps maintain a healthy gut.

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Try making a dark chocolate and parmesan sandwich. To maximize the health benefits, try Lindt 85% dark chocolate and opt for whole grain bread.

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