A Mom Struggling

Before I was pregnant with my first daughter I was at the gym daily.  Not working as hard as I could but still working hard.  I enjoyed being there...being able to spend decent periods of time trying to hone my body.  I slowly worked myself into the best shape I had ever been in.

When my husband and I became pregnant with our first we were overjoyed.  It was a magical time...about five minutes of it before I started to get morning sickness.  In the first few weeks I lost almost 15 pounds because I just couldn't keep anything down.  I was pale...I couldn't even walk fast without getting nauseous.  With some medicinal help it eased up.  And by the end of my pregnancy I was 25 lbs above my starting weight. It doesn't matter what you eat, how well you eat, or how much you are active during pregnancy...you still have to work it all off.  Except for obviously the 10 pounds or so that is associated with your baby. And then six months later I found BodyRock.tv and it was a lifesaver.  Between finishing up my degrees and having a little one to look after there was no time for the gym.  And so I worked and within about 4 months I was back to (almost) normal.  But I wanted more than My 'normal.'  I wanted that body we all dream about in our sleep...one that looks a lot like Lisa's. :) So a year and a half after finding BodyRock I'm still working there slowly.  I struggle every day finding both the motivation and the time for my DailyHiit.  And some days I'm lazy...I'd rather just collapse on the couch because my back aches so badly.  But I read a great quote that aptly applies to us all, and especially us parents.

"People say motivation doesn't last, well neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily." -Zig Ziglar

It's ok to struggle.  It's also ok to print out the picture of where you started and look at it and pat yourself for how far you've come.  I was in a dark place struggling with my post baby weight-and it took the knowledge that I was working towards changing my situation that brought me out of it.  So as a mom that's been there, and is still there, I just want to say-keep at it. EVERY DAY.  I tell myself that my time in the garage is my spa time-I feel more relaxed afterwards than I do collapsed on the couch.

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