A New Study Explains How Vitamin C Is Just as Good for You as Exercise

According to research from the University of Colorado, Boulder, in some ways, Vitamin C is just as good for you as exercise — but that doesn't mean you get to throw away your sneakers! vitamin c In obese and overweight adults, endothelin is present. This is a protein that is blood vessel constricting. Endothelin promotes their bodies to become less responsive to the demand of blood flow, which causes them to be more at risk for vascular disease than those individuals at a healthy weight. When this type of activity in the body hits, exercise is the go-to, since it is known to reduce it. However, about 50 percent of obese and overweight adults do not exercise despite its benefits. With this in mind, researchers of the new study at the University of Colorado, Boulder, decided to test whether Vitamin C supplements could aid in lowering endothelin activity. Their discovery? Yes, it does. In fact, daily supplementation of Vitamin C (500 mg/day, time-released) was able to reduce the activity as much as walking for exercise in study participants. But what is important to keep in mind about this study is that while Vitamin C was able to help the participants, it in no way means exercise should be ruled out. In fact, working out regularly has a plethora of benefits that should be noted. From helping you to maintain muscle mass as well as volume into your senior years, aiding in proper brain function, promoting a fast metabolism and keeping both your respiratory and cardiac health in check, it's not all about losing weight. Do you take Vitamin C supplements daily? Source: Men's Fitness

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