A Plant-Based Cheeseburger That Will Have the Meatless Community Salivating

It seems the meatless community no longer has to fend for their own as much as they used to. Restaurants and supermarkets alike seem to carry more plant-based options than ever before. And now there's a yummy cheeseburger in the mix. A plant-based cheeseburger is here. The plant-based burger comes from Impossible Foods, a company based in Redwood City, CA. Committed to concocting meats and cheeses sans animal product, they work to provide plant-based lovers yummy options without compromising people's health or the environment. Its first project, the cheeseburger, managed to raise $108 million. It's set to debut in 2016. So what's in this burger you might ask? Well, let's start with what's not in it. The Impossible burger doesn't have any actual meat (in which case it also doesn't have cholesterol, hormones, and antibiotics). And if you're typically a meat lover, you might like it too. The company's website says, "We aim to deliver, without compromise, every pleasure that meat-lovers get from burgers – from the visual appearance and versatility of the raw meat, to the smell and sizzle during cooking, to the ultimate taste and texture of the burger." Will you try this burger out once it is released? Source: Popsugar

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