A Two Ingredient Sweet and Healthy Snack, and how it is Changing my Household.

I recently found a recipe for what had been dubbed a "one ingredient" healthy snack or dessert. The recipe called for simply blending up frozen bananas and "voila!" banana ice cream. I am here to tell you, that with the average blender this is NOT the case. That being said, I sat in the kitchen for a bit working on ways to manipulate this to still make the healthy banana ice cream. My solution was as follows:

Add frozen bananas to a blender. I will note for you all that you should definitely have them broken into smaller pieces, smaller even than halves.

Add 1/2-3/4 cup soy, skim or almond milk. I prefer the almond milk myself.

Blend, and enjoy!

This recipe doesn't have the full consistency of ice cream, being a bit more liquid in texture.  That being said, it is delicious, low in calories, and the sugars are natural sugars from the fruit. I actually have started having some post workout if I work out at night. The potassium in bananas is so good for your muscles, and the "ice cream" is refreshing. If you want to add a twist without adding calories, throw some cinnamon in, or you could try adding a strawberry or two! Hmm, maybe I'll try that tonight!

I also wanted to mention how this recipe has changed our household a bit. My fiancee was not raised on a healthy diet. His family was always a very meat and potatoes type of family when it came to their diet. For a very long time, I've had to urge with healthy meals for him to try them out. Usually he ends up loving whatever it is I get him to try, but it's the getting there that was always a problem. After I made this recipe, that wariness is no more! He is eager to try everything I make, and has already fallen in love with my healthy mozzarella sticks I found a recipe for. More on that next time! Enjoy your banana ice cream!!

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