A woman's worth- from a gentleman's perspective

I read this article from a self named "gentleman's" perspective. He asserts that there are gentlemen waiting for a woman to wait on and do things for. He knows its not because WE need them too but because they WANT to. He says that these kind of men find these gestures just as fulfilling as the receiving party. He insists that these men love to do the things we like just because it makes us smile. If this is true then why do we all have that one friend; she is awesome but we're not quite sure why she sticks with..HIM. She's always complaining about him but will never leave. Maybe we've been that friend? I'm not sure why we are afraid to just walk away from something when we know its wrong. I feel like this would save everyone the hassle and unnecessary feelings. . I have been in relationship where I knew I didn't want to be there but I couldn't speak up. Men have no problem cutting things off when they "know" so why are women different? I can understand not wanting to be alone but you can't possibly be with someone all the time anyway. I am single and have been that way for awhile and I don't find any interest in dating either. When you date its because you have the desire to be in a relationship. I don't have that desire so I don't want to waste my time, or yours. What do you think? Do these men still exist and if they do where do you find them? I personally find it more appealing to have a man who helps you, encourages you when you're down and pushes you to be better. I don't need the chocolate, the surprise gifts and the notes of affection. I am happy with a consistent partner who will never leave my side when things get tough. Maybe not a lot of these men exist because they had their share of bad relationships who hurt them enough to NEVER do that again. We can all relate to that. If you get a chance you can read the whole article here: A Gentleman's take on why women should never settle for less than they deserve Photo credit 

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