A Writer Criticized Victoria Secret for Charging More for Larger Size Bras

A writer wrote a letter to Victoria Secret after she found that they charge more money for a bigger bra size, which she felt was penalizing the women who needed a larger size. Ashley Hoffman, Stylelite editor, spoke out and said that Victoria Secret charges $2-$3 more for DD and larger bras, in comparison to bra sizes of A,B,C, and D. She also said that making a larger bra requires more fabric. The brand probably would not suffer if the didn’t increase the price. victoria secret Just for an example, Victoria Secret has a bra called “Perfect Coverage Bra” and they charge $53 for smaller sizes and $54 for DD and DDD sizes. They do have competitors, such as Hanes and Aerie, but with those companies they don’t charge more for a larger bra size. Unfortunately, it’s not just Victoria Secret that does this. Malia Mills, a swimsuit brand, charged $195 for one of their swimsuits for sizes A-C, but then charged $70 more for sizes D – E. Lane Bryant has also charged more for larger sizes. They have a T-shirt bra that is $46 for sizes 36C-38DDD, but sizes F-H cost $10 more.   Source: Daily Mail   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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