Abs & Butt Burnout (WORKOUT)

This is a part of the Body Rock Hiit Bar and free weight series. This one will help you tone and tighten your abs and your butt. Keep in mind that for all of the exercises below you should actively be squeezing your tush and contracting your ab muscles throughout the entire set.


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  Set your timers as follows: -          6 exercises -          50 seconds INTENSE workout (give it all you got) -          10 second rest between exercise -          Repeat a total of two times   You can find the BodyRock Hiit Bar here:   Straight Leg Deadlifts Stand with back/posture straight while holding the Bar in front of your thighs. Hinge at your waist, keeping legs straight with only a slight bend. Maintain soft knees (prevents injury) and lower the Bar to just below your knee caps. Return to starting position, squeezing your butt and hamstrings on the way up while maintaining that flat back. Note – only go as low as you can without breaking your good posture. Some people are not as flexible as others so listen to your body on this. Abs&Butt (1 of 18) Abs&Butt (2 of 18)   Weighted Glute Bridge Lay on back with your knees bent, you should be able to graze the back of your ankle with your fingertips. Place weights on your hips for more of a challenge. Raise your hips off of the floor while keeping your feet flat. Pause and squeeze glutes at the top, then slowly lower to starting position. Repeat. Abs&Butt (4 of 18) Abs&Butt (5 of 18)   Hiit Bar Oblique Side Bends Hold the Bar behind your head on your shoulders with a moderate to wide grip. Stand up straight and bend to one side while maintaining posture. Be sure the movement is slow and controlled with your shoulders and hips staying square to the front and Use your abs to contract and control the movement. Return to starting position and repeat on the other side.  Abs&Butt (6 of 18) Abs&Butt (7 of 18) Abs&Butt (8 of 18)   Curtsey Lunge with Hiit Bar Hold the Bar behind your head on your shoulders and stand with feet hip width apart. Keep your weight on your right foot, take a big step back with your left leg, crossing it behind your right into a “curtsey” position. As you step bend your knees and lower body straight down while keeping back straight and abs tight. Squeeze butt up while you return to starting position. Repeat on opposite side. Abs&Butt (9 of 18) Abs&Butt (10 of 18) Abs&Butt (12 of 18)   Weight Exchange Note - you may want a yoga mat for this move Lie on your back. Hold light weight in your hands and extend arms over your head and stretch feet out so they are hovering over the floor. Reach up with hands and feet and exchange the weight to your feet. Move hands and feet back to hovering position. Reach up and switch back to hands. Repeat.  Abs&Butt (17 of 18) Abs&Butt (15 of 18) Abs&Butt (18 of 18)   Hiit Bar Split Squat Hold the bar behind your head on your shoulders with a moderate grip. Stand with one foot forward and one foot back, hip width apart. Squat down by bending the front knee, let the heel of the back foot raise. Return to starting position by squeezing your glutes, ensuring your back stays straight. Repeat. **At 25 second mark switch legs** Abs&Butt (13 of 18) Abs&Butt (14 of 18)   Bra provided by Public Myth – Angel City Sports Bra

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