Is This An Accurate Observation Of Modern Society?


Spanish artist Luis Quiles's (otherwise known as Gunsmithcat) artwork has been making waves online, thanks to the release of some poignant illustrations drawn by the artist.

The drawings may be disturbing for some. If you take the time to take in what Gunsmithcat's trying to say, the message becomes all too clear: he's painting a picture of modern day society and all that encompasses- pop culture, current affairs, technology, mixed in with controversial issues that include sexism, greed, violence and homophobia.

Take a look at some of his pictures below (and click here to view them all) and sound off in the comments. What is each picture trying to say? Is it accurate?

Artwork1 Artwork11Artwork2 Artwork3 Artwork4 Artwork5 Artwork6 Artwork8Artwork9Artwork7

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