Active Kids : Kids HIIT

Kids are generally pretty busy and hard to keep up with the way it is.  If you're a parent, you most likely can relate.  But it is fun to stay active with them too.  My daughter helped me create this workout and we really had fun with it.  I hope you will too!!   IMG_4177   Active Kids : Kids HIIT #1 *Set a timer for 45 seconds work/15 seconds rest, total of 10 rounds - parents add weight where you wish :) 1. March in Place, twisting opposite elbow to knees 2. Jumping Jacks 3. Hold Lunge L, arm raises to the front 4. Hold Lunge R, arm raises to the sides 5. 8 High Punch, Squat, 8 Low Punch 6. Shuffle - Side to Side 7. Stand, Step Back to Plank, Step or Hop Forward, Stand 8. Crab Kicks 9. 4 High Knees, 4 Squat Jumps 10. Butt Kicks   Featured Image:

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