It Is Actually Possible To Have An Orgasm Just From Doing Yoga

Yoga is perfect for putting your mind and body at ease. Whether you've just started out or have been practicing for years, yoga improves flexibility, posture, blood flow and strength. But sometimes, your yoga can give you an unexpected benefit. That's right, an orgasm. wsj5AXWF50Y2Nic3D5_EixMkQ_vF_rE-k4LVLDErQ84 Although there is lots of anecdotal evidence, there is now a growing among of scientific evidence to support the achievement of the 'yogasm.' One study from Indiana University found that 40 percent of women have experienced a coregasm, an orgasm induced by ab workouts like crunches and planks, and 20 percent of women achieved an orgasm through yoga. This makes sense when you consider how much of yoga deals with strengthening and stabilizing the core. -xPE3cFGPP_mvhgKdwjxIbnR3Kjc-3wQZCF-S37Ekm4 This phenomenon isn't actually exclusive to yoga. The study found that a (very) lucky selection of subjects even reported orgasms or sexual pleasure during weight-lifting, cycling, running hiking or brisk walking. As if this isn't actually incentive enough to get to yoga class, another study showed that regular yoga helped to improve a woman's sex life from helping her to get in the mood to achieving orgasm. When you think about it, yoga is a lot like sex. You are getting flexible and sweaty and using your deep pelvic floor muscles. 5ofDhY8YKGTtBt2dZPsHgnJ8hCbIOhtool7x0s0hFok Raj Barker, a Sydney-based yoga instructor told the Daily Mail, "It’s a practice that requires you to be body aware and present, not dissimilar to love making. And the main poses that can help ‘get you there’ are the ones that engage the core and therefore impact the sex organs." So, if you are looking to get the Big O from your yoga session, include poses that focus on your core and pelvic muscles. Try the Boat Pose, Yogi Squat, Wide Leg Child’s Pose, and Happy Baby Pose. And don't forget: rhythmic breathing. Focus on your breathing. Have you every had a 'yogasm?'

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