Add Some Intensity to Your Jog

Jogging has got to be one of the most boring ways to get exercise. Even walking is more fun, as you can always walk and talk with a friend. With jogging, it's just slogging ahead putting one foot in front of the other, neither running quickly nor walking at a leisurely pace. It's like the Limbo of running!running woman

I've decided that I'm bored of just jogging, so I want to up the pace a bit. My solution: add some running into it. If you want to make your jog just a bit more high-intensity, it's time to strap on those running shoes! It's really quite simple: Run one block, jog one block, speed walk one block. How easy is that? You'd be surprised how tiring it is after you've run the first couple of miles, and you have to force yourself to run when your legs are complaining. Don't think the walking makes it any easier, though, as walking actually makes it more likely that you'll get a cramp. I just recommend the walking to get you started, and your end goal is to phase out the walking - alternating between running and jogging. Right now, my routine is: Run one block, jog two blocks, walk one block.

I'm still working up to running and jogging only, and I definitely need to add some distance to my short run. However, it's something I do as an extra to help me get in fighting shape for my martial arts classes, so it's not my primary exercise.Man Jogging on Open Road

It's amazing how great it feels to finally be running! I've always loved to run, and yet my massive frame has made it a challenge (back problems, knee problems, etc.)  Jogging is just so boring, so I enjoy every block that I get to run - stretching out my legs and propelling myself at high speeds. Add some intensity to your run today, and mix in a bit of running to take the boring out of your jogging!

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