Add These 4 Ingredients To Your Smoothie For Real Weight Loss Results

If you're trying to lose weight and just not seeing the pounds budge, you may need something to help kick start your body into burning fat mode. These 4 delicious smoothie ingredients can help! Blended up with some fresh fruit and you've got yourself a power smoothie that can melt pounds instantly.

#1 Broccoli

This veggie is rich in fiber so you it fills you up while detoxing your system. It builds collagen for ageless, glowing skin and promotes muscle repair so you can recover from your workout faster. Don't worry about it disrupting your mixture's flavour. Raw broccoli is surprisingly subtle when blended in with greens, luscious fruits, nut butter and other additives.

#2 Chia Seeds

Bursting with omega-3 fatty acids, chia seeds are little superfoods that pack a powerful punch. Just one tablespoon can fill you up, provide anti-inflammatory effects, deliver insane amounts of nutrients without the high calorie count and pump out energizing protein to fuel your workout. Is there anything they can't do? [bctt tweet="Add These 4 Ingredients To Your Smoothie For Real Weight Loss Results"]

#3 Green Tea

Green tea has been shown to lower the risk of developing cancer, improve brain function and melt away excess body fat. It mobilizes fatty acids inside fat tissues so the body can use them for energy by burning them. The more fat burned, the more weight you will lose. Green tea adds a unique and refreshing taste to your morning blend, so try mixing in some honey and cinnamon to sweeten the flavour.

#4 Flaxseed

Flax, one of the oldest crops known to man, protects bones, improves digestive functions and is rich in fiber. While it fills you up, flaxseed goes to work lowering your bad cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. Docosahexaenoic and eicosapentanoic acids are responsible for keeping us feeling happy, and these compounds are highly present in flaxseed. The happier you feel, the motivated you are to push through at the gym! Share your favourite smoothie recipes with us! What is your all-time favourite superfood? Source: Women's Health

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