Are you addicted?

New years resolutions are on everyone's mind including my own. Most are wanting to lose weight, change some bad habit, and some have claimed to not have a new years resolution at all.   To those of you who have goals, I am extremely excited for you and hope that you gain them! But yesterday, I read the most interesting resolution and goal for the year.  A gentleman discussed his bad habit.  It wasn't overeating, and it wasn't not working out.  He actually talked about his addiction to technology.  His challenge for himself, walk away from all of the techy gadgets he uses. Are you addicted 2 He shared that he was consumed by his phone, tablet, computer, and t.v.   He realized that each of the items listed were ruining his relationships and even his mental health. If he wasn't on social media posting something, he was thinking about what he could post.  It consumed him! After reading his blog, I would go as far as to argue that our consumption of technology is ruining our overall health.   Now, before you start arguing with me please hear me out.  I am one of those that believe in moderation. I have a smart phone, I own a computer, and we have a flat screen t.v. I also have apps on my phone that help me stay physically fit. Although I have each of these, I am going to work harder to put each of these down, to enjoy the time that I am given rather than always being plugged into the digital world.
Have you ever noticed that when you walk into a restaurant, or go over to a friend's house that everyone is now looking at their phone.   Maybe the article previously read stood out in my mind, but there were no conversations taking place, no new friendships being built. It helped to further my conclusion. Maybe they should make a sign that says rather then no smoking, no phones...are you addicted final Forbes and the Washington Post recently wrote about how there are findings that our tech gadgets are causing the side affects of depression, anxiety, insecurity, isolation, sleep depravation, etc.   I also believe your friendships show how healthy you really are.  So with that said, are you in the room with your family, friends, spouses, etc or are you off wondering what is going on in your news feed on social media or playing that game on your tablet?
My challenge to myself and to you would be:  be in the room, have good conversations, leave your phone behind when you go on a jog.  I would encourage you to enjoy the sunshine when your outside, look at how the hues brighten the day.  Rather than sitting around the t.v. while eating, sit at your table and have a meaningful conversation.  You never know how your mental health, emotional health, physical health may improve! I am taking this guy's que, and going to work hard to not be consumed by technology.          

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