Are You Addicted to Happiness?

Nowadays it seems as though the world is addicted to chasing happiness.  Facebook has created this notion that everyone's happy.  We believe the lie that everyone has a spouse, a child, that they own their own home and have two great cars, and have the perfect career and perfect finances.  We like to perpetuate that myth...we'll often skate over the rough parts of our lives and only ever allude to the "happy moments."

But what is happiness?  Happiness isn't a perfect life.  It's a state of mind.  Its being content and finding joy in the small blessings of life.  But it's also fickle.  Happiness ebbs and flows like the ocean tide.  It isn't human to always "be happy."  Life is hard and tragedy strikes and we are left with the other emotions that make up the human experience.

Why are we obsessed and addicted to happiness?  When did we buy into the belief that humans are supposed to be "happy" all the time.  So often we judge ourselves and others for being unable to "get over it" and to return to a place of happiness.  Whatever that might be.

What's altogether more important is to be able to come to a place of contentment.  So often we find ourselves wanting more.  Whether its clothing, or a new car, or a bigger house, or a new boyfriend...there's a constant desire for more. Contentment is coming to appreciate all that you already have.  Contentment is being human.  There is nothing wrong with the gamete of human emotions, we all need to be able to feel and process them but instead of letting them rule our actions and our hearts-we need to be able to come back to and equilibrium.  Contentment is also applicable to what we do at the Daily Hiit.  Its wonderful to want to grow and change as a person but you have to start your fitness journey content with who you are as a person-no amount of weight loss is going to change how you feel about yourself deep down.

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