Adding Seaweed to Your Diet Might Actually Help You to Lose Weight

Are you looking for new ways to lose weight? Who isn't? It seems like we're all very curious as to the newest food trend that will help us shed those unwanted pounds. We'll eat or drink almost anything to get the body we want, as long as it doesn't harm our overall health. So what's the newest food people are crediting for their weight loss?  
Jamie Oliver says that, along with cutting white, unprocessed foods from his diet as well as eating more vegetables, he was able to drop the weight he wanted. He's also added seaweed into his diet. Want to know if this coastal plant is capable of providing you with similar results?
You may want to head to the nearest market stocked with seaweed now, since research from Newcastle University conducted last year suggested that the plant was capable of being a key ingredient to losing weight. How so? According to the research, there is a compound found in seaweed called alginate that is able to stop the body from absorbing fat.
  Though the researchers believe that the compound is capable of blocking the fat digesting enzyme, possibly ensuring that the body will absorb less fat and in turn keep people from becoming obese. It should not be used to look down upon fat and the importance of it for the body. "Fat plays an important role in metabolism; it's just the intake of excessive fat that is a health problem. This means that the potential for alginate to stop excess fat being absorbed by the body has its downsides, and the excess fat will have to come out in some capacity." Do you incorporate seaweed into your diet? Source: Telegraph  

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