Adding the element of "play" to your workouts

I made this video the other day to emphasize the importantance of "play". Too many times people associate workouts with pain, torture, hell…. when it can be fun, challenging, and creative. Here's a workout you can try this summer outdoors at a nearby park,  be creative and use what you have around you. The world is your gym!
20-30 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)
Make sure you warm up 5-10 minutes ( my warmup was a little cruiser boarding to the park)
10 Kipping Pullups or Strict Pull ups
30 Hurdle Jumps
10 Incline pushups
15 Romanian Squats per leg
10 Triceps pushups
30 Air Squats
15 Single Deadlifts per leg
20 Incline leg lifts 
Repeat till time

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