Adding Some Variety To Your Push-Ups

Push-ups are fun right? Sarcasm added – that being said they are one of the best and most beneficial exercises to do! But don’t get stuck in the ho-hum boring routine of doing the same old push up’s all the time. There are a whole plethora of push-up variations that you can do to target different area’s on your arm and core, and yes sometimes even your legs.   Before attempting the instructional push-ups below please take a quick read of the another blog I recently posted which will give you the basic’s on ensuring you have the proper push up form and technique down. Its all about getting the original form right and then you can move onto some more of the advances ones below. Check out the blog post “Push Ups for Dummies 101” (click title for link).   Now onto some real fun!!! I have put these in my personal opinion of difficulty from easier to harder!   3-way stance push ups: Wide – keep arms wider than shoulder position SonjaPushUp-04 SonjaPushUp-03 Normal – keep arms directly under shoulder SonjaPushUp-12 SonjaPushUp-10 Narrow / tricep – bring arms in closer than shoulder position SonjaPushUp-13 SonjaPushUp-14 Incline push up Place hands on a bench, box or bar and perform a push up. The more vertical your body is the easier the push up. SonjaPushUp-27 SonjaPushUp-28 Decline push up Place feet on a bench or box and hand on the ground. Perform a push up. SonjaPushUp-29 SonjaPushUp-30 Walk out push up Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Bend over and place hands on floor close to feet and walk them out to a push-up position. Do a push-up. Walk hands back and repeat  SonjaPushUp-20 SonjaPushUp-21 SonjaPushUp-22 SonjaPushUp-23 SonjaPushUp-24 SonjaPushUp-25 1 Leg push up Get in push up position. Keeping core tight, lift one foot into the air. Perform a regular push-up while keeping your body in balance. Finish reps and switch sides.  SonjaPushUp-31 SonjaPushUp-32 SonjaPushUp-33 Asymmetric push up Get in push up position with one arm at shoulder level and one arm tucked in close to your side. Perform a push up. Option to finish all reps then switch sides or to switch sides with each rep each rep.  SonjaPushUp-36 SonjaPushUp-37 Pike push up Start in a “downward dog” - see here for a good instruction on how to do this yoga position Make a diamond with thumbs and index fingers touching and move your hands back towards the feet, creating a pike position with the body. Bend elbows and lower head towards the floor. These movements are very small but believe me you will feel them!  SonjaPushUp-39 SonjaPushUp-40 Push up jack Start in push up position. Each time you bend your elbows to lower hop your feet out into a wide position. When you straighten your arms, hop feet back together.  SonjaPushUp-44 SonjaPushUp-45 SonjaPushUp-46 Pop push up Start in a plank position with hands close together. Pop/hop out into a push-up, then pop back into starting position. SonjaPushUp-41 SonjaPushUp-42 SonjaPushUp-43 Spiderman push up Perform a push-up and on the down phase, bring one knee up to the elbow on the same side of the body. On the up phase, return leg to starting position. Alternate sides. SonjaPushUp-17 SonjaPushUp-18 SonjaPushUp-19   Any questions feel free to leave them here – have fun and feel the burn!   Awesome pants I am wearing were supplied by Public Myth - teaser leggings ------workout gloves supplied by Props Athletics ------ location of shooting at Mayfield World Health

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