After Extreme Weight Loss, A New Set Of Self-Esteem Challenges Can Arise

Losing massive amounts of weight is incredibly difficult. There is no doubt about it. Whether it is done with the help of gastric bypass surgery or through strict diet and exercise routines, the struggle is a very real one for many people. And sometimes, the people who have stuck with it, who have faced, and boldly overcome, the challenges the journey presents, do not end up with the body they had hoped. The excess skin left behind can serve as a painful reminder and lead to depression and despair. While the incredible accomplishment of weight loss should never be ignored, there are very real, practical concerns that get over-looked in our weight-loss-reality-show loving culture. We see people drop large amounts of weight over the course of an hour long television show, but we seldom see the real story and struggle that is hidden behind those participants' smiles. Megan Boeh, 34, knows those struggles all too well. At her heaviest, Boeh weighed 430 pounds. With the help of gastric bypass surgery, she's got her weight down to 205 pounds. But the thing is, if it weren't for her excess skin, she would weigh 163 pounds. That's 42 pounds of skin and a whole lot of practical and emotional battles. [caption id="attachment_123044" align="alignnone" width="822"]boeh (Photo: TLC/Skin Tight)[/caption] "I hate my skin. It makes me feel gross and nasty. I'd get rid of the extra skin in a heartbeat if I could," she says. "I've come so far, and yet I feel like nothing's changed," she continues. "Even though I lost weight, my body is still shaped as it was at 430lbs... I don't feel like a woman when I look at myself in the mirror. When you don't see the changes, it saddens you, it depresses you. You get aggravated." The skin is heavy and it makes buying clothes difficult. Boeh, like so many other in her position, has to tuck her skin into her undergarments and pants in order to leave the house without it hanging over her clothes. The potential for chaffing is high and the skin could actually lead to mobility impairments. [caption id="attachment_123045" align="alignnone" width="508"]boeh2 (photo: TLC/Skin Tight)[/caption] It is easy to understand how someone could lose heart and lose hope. But it is so important for us all to keep positive attitudes. Someone like Megan Boeh is pretty darn amazing. Losing 225 pounds is something to be proud of. Period. She is not ugly. She is not less than a woman. Hopefully, one day, skin surgery will be available to her but if not, she should still hold her head high. For anyone out there that does not have access to skin removal surgery, be proud of yourself. You've done what many cannot. You have made yourself healthy. You made a choice and you followed through. The skin can be painful, it can be uncomfortable and it is probably something you wish you could hide completely, but it is also a sign of your success. You are beautiful and you are strong. Never forget that. When you look at your skin, don't feel sad, depressed or frustrated. Smile, and remind yourself how wonderful you are. Have you lost an incredible amount of weight? Do you have excess skin that impacts the way you feel about yourself? Share your story with us. Source: Daily Mail

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