Age Ain't Nothin But a Number When It Comes to Fitness

P7213363   At what age do you plan on quitting your workout and fitness routine? Do you plan on "retiring" the weights at the age of retirement? Don't worry, you won't have to-if you keep it up! This 77 year old female bodybuilder is proof that when it comes to health & fitness, age can't slow you down! Ernestine Shepherd is probably in better shape than most of you reading this article right now. She also happens to be the oldest bodybuilder in the world! Ernestine got her first reality check at the age of 54 when she and her sister went to go try on swimsuits and realized they were out of shape. She stated that she hated what she saw in the mirror as she tried on swimsuit after swimsuit; yet nothing seemed to flatter her figure. This prompted her and her sister to begin taking aerobic classes which eventually lead to bodybuilding for the two of them. So what does a typical look into Ernestine's fitness routine look like? She starts her morning, around 2:30 a.m. to be exact, by running ten miles before breakfast-everyday. I repeat-EVERYDAY! Then off to the gym she goes to train for 1 hour & 45 minutes. For the rest of the day, Ernestine will teach up to 3 fitness classes at the gym until 7pm! She then ends her day by going to bed at 10:30 p.m. Her diet includes several small meals per day; 1,700 calories total from mainly boiled egg whites, chicken, vegetables, and a liquid egg white drink. The most astounding thing to me? She does not use one workout supplement nor performance enhancing drugs. She does not even need medications because she has hardly any health issues. She also credits training for taking away any aches or pains that she had. So, what in the world has kept this 77 year old bodybuilder motivated? She made a promise to her sister, who died from a brain aneurysm in 1992,  before she passed away that she would follow her dreams-and so she did and has no plans on stopping anytime soon. Here is an inspiring video of the bodybuilder: No matter what your personal fitness goals are, this woman is truly motivating and inspiring in all of the best ways possible. No excuses, right?   Image Source: Ernestine Shepherd Official Facebook

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