Age Is Only A Number: 10 Ways You Are Never Too Old To Live Right

We cannot ignore aging and growing up. These are two inevitable experiences in our lives. When we become 'adults' and go out into the world to work and build lives for ourselves, we often forget who we were as children. Who we were when we actively engaged with wonder and excitement. Your age does not define you! Here are some things you will NEVER be too old to do: 1. Learn a new skill. You are never too old to learn. Keep your mind active! 2. Exercising. Keep yourself moving. If you don't move it, you will lose it. 3. Listen to music from different eras. If your go to is 90's hiphop, throw on a little Zeppelin to make things interesting. You may find an artist or groove you really like. Good music is good music. Can there ever be too much? 4. Dancing like a fool. I believe in this one. Sometimes, you just gotta bust loose. 5. Laughing at stupid jokes. Laughter rocks. And even stupid jokes can be funny. 6. Being afraid. Fear is a natural response in all humans. Don't listen to what anyone says. You're never too old to be afraid of the dark. 7. Crying in public. Does it really matter what someone else thinks? When the emotions come, sometimes you need to let them. No shame in that. 8. Not knowing what to do. Getting older and growing up does not mean you'll have all the answers. Sometimes things don't work out and you're left without a plan. Don't worry, you'll find a new one. 9. Falling in love. It is never too late. If you've had it and lost it or if you've never had it at all, don't lose hope. It is out there and it is worth it. 10. Follow your dreams. It is never too late to reach your goals. Head off in the direction of your dreams and never stop or slow down. You owe it to yourself at any age! What sorts of things do you think you are never too old to do?        

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