All Abs Are Not Created Equal: Why Some Six Packs Look Different From Others

A six pack is something to be admired. People are always looking up ways to achieve it, and ogling over those who show their pack off with pride. But have you ever thought, or heard someone say, "Those abs are weird?

With his own abs appearing on the cover of books, fitness DVDs and gracing the pages of various magazines and videos, Men’s Health Fitness Director BJ Gaddour ’s abs are like their own celebrity. And while many view his taught torso as a thing of beauty, others respond with another opinion. Gaddour says some people comment with,"Your abs are weird. They’re crooked."

But this fitness guru isn't the only one who has "crooked" abs. In fact, there are so many different types of abs, but why? Why doesn't everyone's pack look the same once it's visible? The biggest difference lies in the size of each person's abdominal muscle bellies, as well as the length of their tendons.

When it comes to muscle bellies, “Some people are born with thicker ones. This can make the abs look more pronounced since there’s a higher peak on each one," explains Dean Somerset, C.S.C.S., an exercise physiologist in Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

Your tendons also play a role in how your abs appear. If you have longer tendons, let's say, then there will be bigger gaps between each of your abdominals muscles, while shorter tendons make way for smaller gaps.

And as for the crooked abs? “We see crooked abs in cultures all around the world, so there’s probably no evolutionary reason for them,” Somerset notes.

Have you ever wondered why all abs are not created equal?

Source: Men's Health

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