Allow Yourself To Receive: You Don't Have to Put Yourself Last

Giving and receiving can be a complicated process. Sometimes you are attempting to give back to someone when what you really need to be doing is receiving what someone is offering you. Receive with gratitude. Doing so allows the giver to feel joy and creates an abundance of good things and energy in our lives. If you refuse to receive, you stop the flow of abundance and you deny the giver's joy. The flow of abundance can be stopped by being only a giver or a receiver. Givers wear themselves out. If we are living a life that fills us, nourishes us in every possible way, we will have an overflow, an abundance, from which we will be able to give. It would be great to be able to give from a place of abundance instead of burning ourselves out but how do we get there? You can get to this place by receiving and nurturing yourself first. Here are some ways to put yourself first:

Rest when tired

Nobody wins when you are tired. Listen to your body. Get extra sleep instead of another coffee. Relax when your body shows you signs of fatigue. Pushing yourself through pain or fatigue will only increase your risk for illness or injury.

Say no more often to allow time for rest and rejuvenation

If you are a giver, this one will be difficult. Saying yes to everything is a guaranteed path to burn out. Prioritize your life so that when you do say yes, it is to something you really want to be doing.

Ask for and accept help when necessary

Asking for help is essential. No need to be a hero. You don't get extra points for doing things alone.

Get still. A lot

Make time in your day for stillness, meditation, quiet. Doing this is key for replenishing your energy. You will find that if you are able to take a moment, to just chill, you will be so much more productive when you are doing things. This space allows you to listen to yourself. Once you realize that giving and receiving is an equal exchange, you will see opportunities to do things a little differently. By receiving, you are giving a gift. You are not only nourishing yourself but you are empowering the giver. If we harness the power and energy flow of giving and receiving, this world would be a much kinder, joyous place. h/t: Tiny Buddha

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