The Amazing Reason One Woman Posted Pics Of Her Thighs To Instagram

Kelly Oxford recently posted a picture of her thigh complete with stretch marks, bruises and spider veins. She captioned the photo: “Teen stretch marks, Under Armour, mystery bruises, spider veins, all part of being a #WOMAN." thigh Oxford's post is a great reminder that it is okay to be less than perfect. Thighs may touch, they may not. They may be covered in stretch marks, they may not. No matter what, they are yours and they are all good. So often we see enhanced and photoshopped images where all blemishes and flaws are removed and this makes it easy to believe there is something wrong with our own bodies. But guess what, there's nothing wrong. All body times have flaws. Welcome to being alive! It is so refreshing to see women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels presenting examples of what their bodies look like off the magazine racks. All this body positivity certainly has me rethinking those short shorts I bought. I love them, they are beautiful, black, retro high waist. Did I mention I love them? And yet, I am terrified to wear them. Why? Because my thighs touch and are a little too soft. But so what? It is how I look. I'm at the beginning of a fitness journey and it I'm sure my thighs will change over time but there is no reason I should take issue with them now. Our bodies are beautiful no matter what. Maybe I will bust out the shorts tonight. Who's with me?

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