American Apparel Gives Its Mannequins Pubic Hair

If there ever was a store that liked stirring up controversy and pushing the envelope it would be American Apparel.  Their latest little stunt was upfront and personal in the East Houston store in New York City.  Gracing the store front of American Apparel are three brunette and bespectacled mannequins in see-through lingerie complete with “unkempt” pubic hair.  Twitter blew up and then so did the rest of the internet. article-2540819-1AB7D3E400000578-115_634x486 District Visual Manager, Dee Myles, told The Observer that the mannequins, “bring rawness and newness to a holiday thought of as a romantic Hallmark exploiting the lust of Valentines’s Day.”  American Apparel prides itself on celebrating natural beauty and culture.  By adding an anatomically correct patch of hair to its mannequins it has sparked a debate about the standards for beauty we as a society set upon women.  The pornography industry was the first to ‘sell’ the bare look, although with bikini’s becoming smaller and smaller it has been more and more necessary for women to ‘maintain’ their bikini line. Why are we shocked when the rules are broken concerning women?  Why is it that full figured mannequins and mannequins with ‘breast implants’ create such a fuss?  Perhaps its because society has become accustomed to only its ‘most beautiful’ and well groomed women gracing store fronts and runways and magazines. Maybe its also because what makes us women like periods and pubic hair isn’t something society is ready for in open conversation.  Perhaps we are still holding onto the social constructs of our grandparents that what happens in private isn’t meant for public consumption.  And maybe they were right.  Maybe there are some things we just don’t want to see in window displays although it does no harm to have an open discussion about why those feelings exist at all.

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