Amy Schumer Discusses her sex life in Glamour's August Issue

Amy Schumer drops the jokes in the August issue of Glamour to take on the very serious topics of feminism, body image, and that controversial statement she made in her Glamour UK Woman of The Year Awards acceptance speech. Fans of Schumer applauded, her haters hated. If you aren't in any particular camp, allow me to enlighten you. Schumer said, "I’m probably like 160 pounds right now, and I can catch a dick whenever I want." One Youtube commentator criticized her by saying, "If a man talking about catching pussy, the media would be calling him achauvinistic pig." In the Glamour interview, Schumer responds.
"I think they’re right. If a guy was like, "I can get pussy whenever I want," that guy would be a dickhead. But to deny that there’s a major difference is ridiculous. For women, we’re taught to eat less until we disappear. And trained to believe that if you don’t look like everyone else, then you’re unlovable. And men are not trained that way. Men can look like whatever and still date a supermodel. I’m proud of what I said. I think it’s good to see somebody saying: I have a belly. And I have cellulite. And I still deserve love. And to catch the old D. And to not apologize."
Love her or hate her, she makes a good point. Never apologize for who you are. Schumer revealed that she has been getting death threats for using her position and her voice in a way people are not used to but that won't slow her down. She plans to use that voice for as long as she has it. What do you think of Schumer's response to her critic? Spot on or still missing the point?   Do you follow @BodyRockTV on Snapchat and Instagram? @BodyRockTV

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