An apple a day may help keep sickness and disease AWAY


I was enjoying an Apple from my grandmas apple tree and I couldn't help but remember what my mom used to say.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Turns out this is a widely used saying can actually be backed up with scientific proof. Not only are apples a conveniently delicious snack they will keep you away from the doctors office too. Apples contain an abundance of phytochemicals including flavonoids and phenolics which have been shown in studies to reduce particular cancer risks, cardiovascular disease, asthma and diabetes. Pair that with an apples high level of antioxidants and you have now given your body the ability to  inhibit cancer cell proliferation, decrease lipid oxidation and lower bad cholesterol. Although an apples phytochemical composition can range depending on apple type they are still an abundant source of antioxidants.(1)
 Have you ever noticed that your apples last longer than any other fruit ?

This is not a coincidence, storage has also been shown to have little effect on the potency of an apples phytochemicals. When stored in a controlled environment researchers didn't notice a significant decrease in potency, even after 200 days in storage total levels were similar to the time of harvest.  The apple peels themselves have been shown to have two to three times more phytochemicals than the actual flesh, thank goodness the peel is just as tasty as the middle.(1)

I came to the conclusion that since apples don't seen to ever go rotten in my refrigerator or on my counters that they will help the inside of my body in the same ways! YES! I knew there was a way to defy time..take that old age.

 Lets look at some wonderful benefits of the Apple
  1. The are DELICIOUS!
  2. When compared to other fruits they had the 2nd largest concentration of antioxidants (US study)
  3. They have been linked with a reduced risk for CANCER
  4. They have been shown to decrease cardiovascular disease risk
  5. It has been inversely linked to Asthma
  6. When  paired with a healthy diet Apples can aid in weight loss
  7. They can also help prevent diabetes
  8. They support healthy LDL levels (triglyceride levels) 
  9. They have the potential to lower cholesterol
  10. They are beneficial to digestive health
  11. They have a long shelf life and don't seem to breakdown like other fruits possibly due to increased antioxidant activity

If you are interested in how YOUR favorite Apple stacks up in kick butt Anti-oxidants take a look at the article referenced below.

As always HAPPY training

Love Britney Green


1.Boyer, Jeanelle, and Rui Hai Liu. "Apple Phytochemicals and Their Health Benefits." Nutrition Journal, 12 May 2004. Web. 10 Aug. 2013.


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