An Ode to Lifting and Resistance Training

Dumbbells, barbells, weight benches, squat racks, bumper plates, pull up bars, chains, ropes, resistance cords...I LOVE YOU.  Yes, this may seem a little forward, but we have been in a serious relationship for the last two years.  Walking into a weight room or getting ready to do a resistance training workout, I get nervous and excited.  I know that all of the equipment is going to tear me down and make me mentally want to give up and physically shaking and sweating; but in the end, all of that pain and struggle is to make me a better me. Plug in, game face on, workout written, tear it up.  I crave the euphoric feeling that I can during  workout, when I am pushing myself to the max and right after when my limbs feel like jello. Two years ago, I was a cardio junkie, spending hours on the treadmill, spin bike and elliptical, not understanding why my body wasn't molding it into what I wanted.  Then, I discovered tire flipping, front and back squats, power lifting and HIIT training and I...WAS...HOOKED! If you are just getting into interval training or weight lifting, stick with it, I promise you, taking your aggression, feelings, goals, and motivation to an intense interval workout or a piece of iron will change your life.  It changed mine. A really easy way to start is by diving up your week with your workouts.  For example, MWF, you do HIIT training .  On Tues, Thurs, Sat, you do resistance training and/or lifting.  You are still getting in the cardio you crave, while giving your muscles a bit of their type of cardio: weight lifting. So now, I tell myself I have gone from workout enthusiast to bodybuilder.  You do not have to compete to be a bodybuilder, if you are molding and sculpting your body, then you are one! So, here is my ode to lifting and resistance training.  "Oh lifting, how I love you so, if I did not have your iron to throw around, my muscles wouldn't grow." Activate BEAST MODE! photo (5)                                                                       photo (4)

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