An Unconventional Secret to Body Confidence Revealed

Body confidence. It may be a buzzword, but it is not something easily found in ourselves. Yes, an inspirational song or quote on our Pinterest board may inspire a fleeting moment of "Oh, heck yes! I'm perfect the way I am!" But 5 minutes later a sexy pic of a Victoria Secret supermodel on the same board has us as downtrodden as ever. What is the secret to constant body confidence? my personal opinion I don't think there is any. I don't think even Candice Swanepoel or Megan Fox or, (god forbid) Beyonce feel 100% hot all of the time. I'm sure Beyonce looks herself over in the mirror in the morning after a late night (a concert perhaps, and then Blue wouldn't go down for her nap) and critiques what she sees. One mom, a self-proclaimed "fat girl in a bathing suit", reveals her startlingly honest approach to body confidence. Nicole Janswoki, is a mother of 4 and author of What You Don't See When You Look at the Fat Girl in a Bathing Suit. And she isn't perfect. Like most of us she maintains a relatively healthy diet with chia seeds and smoothies and spinach galore. But she loves dessert and soft cheese. And although she works hard to keep healthy, she does not have a thigh gap and her arms have, in her mind, an unrelenting jiggle.   Nicole's secret to feeling good, maybe even great on most days, is what she places her value on. She reminds herself of what is capable of when she feels a shake in her confidence, a judging eye following her around as she bares a two piece on the beach.   "I’m strong. I can teach an 8-year-old girl to ride a two-wheeler in one Saturday afternoon and carry in six bags of groceries in one trip from the car. Sometimes I am the only one in the house strong enough to open a jar of dill pickles. Once I carried a bed up two flights of stairs, all by myself. You can’t find those things, these intangible things, in the thick knot of flesh above my knees." Nicole says. Her positive reminders of who she is, and how much more of her there is than meets the eye, is the definition of true confidence. Next time you feel sad, depressed or angry with your body, try remembering you are. What defines you far beyond belly flab or your dress size? Let us know! Create a list of confident reminders and see what it does to your sense of self!

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