And That’s A Wrap…

Since January I cut out all grains, eating only vegetables, some fruit, lean meats, fish, fowl, nuts and some good fats like coconut oil.  That means my main sources of fuel are fats and proteins with a fairly low amount of carbohydrates.  Before that I had cut out sugar and was eating very little grain but I was hooked on non-gmo, organic tortilla chips and got my fix daily.  This made it easy for me to still eat my guacamole, salsa, and pico de gallo, or just eat them alone, just to get my fix of carbs.  For one thing, I’m married to a Mexican, I love Mexican food & I really never thought I'd live without chips nor did I realize the benefit until recently.  I mean I had to learn to cook authentic Mexican enchiladas when I got married (not the Tex-Mex kind we’re used to down here inTexas), milanesa, and rice and beans among other things.   Carbs are a big part of the Standard American Diet, as well as the Standard Mexican Diet, living without them was a hard pill to swallow at first. So, after a lot of reading and researching I decided to kick it up a notch by cutting out grains.   I was still suffering from sinus headaches occasionally and adult acne, as well as slight hormonal imbalances so I cut out the grains and I started working out again with the dailyhiit workouts.   Grains spike insulin in the body, which messes with your hormones, causing inflammation and other issues.  The only problem was how to incorporate the Mexican food and some other traditional American fair, make it somewhat exciting, but yet keep it simple at the same time.  You see, I’m a simple gal, I’m not real extravagant, not real creative;  I keep things real and I keep it simple.  I don’t like to overcomplicate things, I steer clear of drama and I’m busy with 4 young kids at home plus my husband, plus a full time job away from home.  It’s great if you have time, and/or if you are the creative type, to take it and run with it.  There are tons of paleo/primal cookbooks out there as well as free recipes on the web to get creative with.... I only wish I could do a little more in that department, but it’ll happen little by little in time. What I did do, in order to not shake things up too much, I tried to keep things somewhat simple being that I’m a simple gal.  My family has already dealt with many changes I’ve pretty much pushed on them little by little in the name of nutrition and health.  I found it was easy to make baked chicken or homemade chicken soup with veggies, some fish and veggies, etc, but for the Mexican food and traditional American fair it didn’t seem that easy or clear cut.  So, the easiest thing to do was to use lettuce to make my tacos. If I fixed tacos or tostadas for my husband and kids, I’d just make sure I had some romaine or head lettuce on hand so I didn’t feel so left out.  It gives you that crunch that you’re used to and gives you something to wrap up all the goodies in, the meat, guacamole, and pico de gallo.  I also did this when it was hamburger night, either at home or when eating with friends or family, instead of changing the whole menu for me, I’d just have my lettuce on hand and make mine a lettuce burger.  Really simple, really easy.  Now my husband eats the lettuce wraps with me.  :-) thaispicyandsweetsauceYou can use lettuce instead of bread for a sandwich as well, or with your fajitas.   The summer before last, I copied the Asian summer rolls I had seen at HEB and made them at home.  This summer, I made them again just left out the rice paper and made them with lettuce (pictured above).  You can make them with just veggies, or add shrimp to them.  Then top them off with a sweet and spicy Thai chili sauce.  I like to mix them together so it’s not too sweet or too spicy.  It’s delicious and a great snack or meal.  There are tons of things you can do with the lettuce wrap and it’s simple to just replace your bread or tortilla with it.  So, if you’re like me looking for simple easy solutions, especially in the beginning, try some lettuce and wrap it up.  Don’t get too stressed or overwhelmed trying to make it fancy,  unless you have the extra time and want to that is; otherwise, just take the easy route and keep it simple while you’re adjusting to eating clean.  When we overcomplicate things, we sometimes tend to shut down and lose focus of what we’re actually trying to accomplish. .…And that’s a wrap! ;-)

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