Anti Thigh Gap Jeans

We have previously railed against the thigh-gap craze – because, well, it’s ridiculous, but Barbell Apparel, a group of athletes in Nevada, were so appalled by this movement they actually did something about it. They went above and beyond and created the anti-thigh gap jeans, aimed at people with more muscular legs and athletic lifestyles. THANK YOU. I’m not saying that my legs are equestrian-level fit, but I do like to climb trees and sit cross-legged, which I sometimes can’t do in jeans. Flexible, comfortable, and performance oriented, they are designed to fit your actual measurements. So if your waist is small and your curves are kicking, not only will Sir Mixalot give you a call, but these jeans could be for you. antithigh gap jeans They have just over 4,000 backers and have raised almost $600,000 on their kickstarter campaign. They’ve been featured on The Huffington Post, ABC news, The Daily Mail, Fast Company, and Shape to name a few companies. Clearly, those athletes in Nevada weren’t the only ones thinking the same thing. antithighgap4

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