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How many of you are balancing a job and a family?  OH!  And trying to get in shape?  You think you can't do it all, but you can!  It is not easy, but keeping active is one of the most important things that should be a top priority.  First of all, working out exhausts anxiety, helps you to sleep at night, and burns those calories!  There are many benefits to add to that list, but if you are trying to be a good spouse, a good parent, and balance a job all while trying to get in shape, those are at the top.  I can't tell you how you should do things in your life as all of our lives are so different.  All I can tell you  is how I try to balance things and hope it helps you in one way or another if you sometimes feel like you are drowning.  BELIEVE ME, I don't always have my stuff together, but I know how to get back on track. First off, most of us work.  Some may have long hours and never think they can ever find time to get anything done, let alone a workout.  For me, I like to work out in the morning and get it over with.  I am not a morning person, but I'd rather sacrifice a little sleep than try to work out at night.  By the end of the day, I am too exhausted to do anything physical.  Plus, my kids are involved in things in the afternoon, then it's dinner time and then get them ready for bed and school for the next day. There are a few things I need to do to keep it all together.  ORGANIZATION is key!!  I try to plan out my week as best I can before it begins.  I have a dry erase board with a calendar on it and write out all the things I have to do that month.  That helps so much! I know who will be home and when for dinner, and I know who will be where during the day and at what time. This blog is starting to sound a little boring , but I want to help busy parents any way I can, and not just in the workout department :-) And speaking of the workout department, this is how it goes down for me.  Planning to work out in the morning takes a little prepping the night before.  I write down the workout (making sure I know each exercise), get all the equipment I will use, and even put workout clothes by the bed.  Waking up at the crack of dawn makes me delirious and I have a hard time putting anything together, let alone an outfit.  I'd probably walk outside with a sweater, skirt, and heels rather than a tank, sweat pants, and tennis shoes. Haha!  Give that a try and get your workout in even before the kids wake up!  You will feel good about that all day!  Same goes for those of you who prefer to work out in the evening. Another way I stay organized and decrease stress is that I get my meals planned ahead of time.  I also make sure I know what events and things I have coming up for the week ahead.  That cuts down on stress because I know how I will be spending my time.  All of that planning helps me to make enough time to sit down with my husband, Adrian, at the end of each day and catch up on all things, good and bad.  Having that communication is key to keeping our relationship healthy. Now that I have, hopefully, helped get you organized and on your way to consistently working out, here's a brand new workout! It is a HIIT workout that takes around 24 Minutes to complete.  I did this workout in my Krav Maga class and everyone loved it, so I thought I would share it with you, too!  I am wearing a pair of compression socks during this workout and I explain all the reasons why they are so great at the beginning of this video.  There's a link on my YouTube channel at the bottom of this workout. Here's the breakdown:  Make sure you do as many reps as you can during the time of work.  You will continue to burn calories for the next 24-36 hours.  You will need a jump rope, interval timer, and a mat. Set your interval timers for 24 Rounds with 10 Sec Rest/45 Sec Work 1. Jump Rope 2. Scorpion Push Ups 3. Low Step Backs 4. Plank Kick Outs 5. Jump Rope 6. Bent Body Push Ups 7. Long Leap Inchworms 8. Leg Drop and Reach 9. Jump Rope 10. Ninja Jump Tucks 11. Plank Walk Get Ups 12. 10 High Knees, Drop Down, Power Up

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