Are Breast Implants Out Of Style?

The breast enhancement industry might being going bust! Many celebrities are wanting their implants taken out and the rates in which women are getting the surgeries are declining. British model and popular television personality, Chantelle Houghton, realized that she made a mistake going from a B cup to an E in 2006. "My boobs are really heavy. I hate them, I was a lunatic. When I wanted [the boob job], I wanted to change everything about me. I should never have messed around." she explains after she made the decision to have her implants removed this year. 31-year-old Chantelle is one of many celebs downsizing their chests. Porn actress Jenna Jameson said her infamously large breasts became a source of insecurity and discomfort for her so she went under the knife to remove them. Actresses Tara Reid and Denise Richards also have had their once voluptuous breasts removed because they were displeased with the results and worried about complications. So with the growing influence of Hollywood stars undoing their once-inflated breasts, it appears this area of cosmetic surgery is suffering. Now in the UK, less than a quarter of all plastic surgeries are boob jobs. The numbers are expected to plummet even more in the coming years. Some women has opted to have their implants removed because of infection, pain and rupturing. Others just simply don't like the change, and are more comfortable with their own natural breasts. What are your thoughts? Have you ever gotten a boob-job or have you considered it? Source: Daily Mail      

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