Are Butt Implants Completely Distorting Our Beauty Ideals?

You can't look anywhere these days without seeing speculation about celebrities and their cosmetic surgeries. From the Kardashians to, most recently, Iggy Azalea, butt implants appear to be the alteration du jour. Of course, we are all free to cosmetically alter our bodies as we see fit. Decisions about such procedures are incredibly personal and profound. But might these alterations be doing more than changing bodies? Might they be changing our ideas about what constitutes beauty? If you search butt workouts, you will find hundreds and hundreds of them purporting to result in high, round, shapely butts. And what comes to mind when you hear or read that is likely the perfectly round Kardashian style posterior. The problem, of course, is that no workout will get you exactly those results.   There is nothing wrong with wanting a shapely behind. There is nothing wrong with getting surgery to make that happen. There is something wrong with looking at your curves, or lack of curves, and seeing anything other than beauty. Your beauty. Butt implants create an incredibly shapely figure. Some women are born with such a figure, most are not. Butt implants exaggerate feminine curves to a degree that can leave some women feeling completely inadequate. Doing the previously mentioned butt workouts will get you a high, toned butt. But it will still be your butt! Perhaps, if we ride out this trend we will see that butt implants are just the new breast implants or the new collagen lips. Perhaps, like those other procedures, they will normalize and just become something else that some people do, not something that alters our definition of beauty. Do you think butt implants are impacting the way we talk, think and feel about beauty? Do you think butt implants have impacted our idea of what constitutes feminine curves? Source: Daily Mail  

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