Are Strength Training And A High-Protein Diet A Match Made In Heaven?

We've all heard about how wonderful protein can be to your weight loss efforts. But new research has found that just upping your daily dose won't be enough to get you the real, lasting results you are after. To make protein work for you, you'll have to up your strength training efforts too. Research published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, looked at two groups of people. One group ate a high-protein diet and switched to a split resistance training routine (alternating between arm days and leg days) for eight weeks. The other group, ate a normal protein diet and stuck to their 'business as usual' workout routine. The group that added the resistance training saw a 3% decrease in their body fat! This group also lost weight while the 'normal protein' group added a few pounds. inpost   Protein is essential for building new muscle but that is only part of the story. Previous studies have shown that increasing your protein to 4 grams per every 2 pounds of body weight, has next to no impact on your body composition. Meaning, upping your protein will not build you new muscles. INPOST (8) "The traditional view is that you have to eat less and workout more to lose fat," says Jose Antonio, Ph.D., an assistant professor in exercise and sports science at Nova Southeastern University. But the techniques used in this new study ask that you eat more to lose fat! Who doesn't like that? So how do you get started making this work for you? The people in the study did a combination of exercises that worked the shoulders, chest, arms, back and legs. The best part is that you can do all of this without having to join an expensive fitness class. Try alternating between circuits of bench presses, tricep dips, rows, curls and squats, lunges, and calf raises. Don't have a gym membership? You can get a whole host of wonderful workouts on SweatFlix℠! With over 120 hours of real time, on demand workouts, you'll always find something to motivate and inspire! Start your trial today!  Protein can help but it can't do the work for you! What are your favourite strength training moves? Source: Shape  

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