Are They Old? Fat And Gross? We Say HELL NO!

Sometimes, the fitness community can be downright nasty. It is a world that has a very strict, very narrow definition of beauty. If you aren't trim, toned and sculpted, you can forget about making the cut! When living in that world, it can be  easy to dismiss people who fall outside of this standard as being lazy, fat, and disgusting. In reality, these labels are petty, cruel and downright false. In a now deleted comment on Twitter, one popular fitness personality expressed disgust at the  historic  Swimsuits for All's #SwimSexy ad campaign that will appear   in this year's  Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. While we won't name names, we can say that cracking jokes about harpooning whales and putting horses out to pasture is just flat out wrong! o-ASHLEY-GRAHAM-570 This campaign has created international buzz as it not only features two plus size models but the oldest model to ever appear in a SI swimsuit issue. At 56 years old, Nicola Griffin joins Ashley Graham and  Philomena Kwao in what is being called a groundbreaking campaign. Last year, SI began dismantling barriers by featuring the curvy model, Robyn Lawley, and they keep right on going by naming Graham one of its official rookies for 2016. Now, they've got an ad that features curvy women AND a woman over 50! Why is this so important? Because this is what the world looks like! Curvier people and older people walk among the thin and fit each and every day, why shouldn't the fashion industry and advertising campaigns reflect this? Curvier people and older people wear swimsuits every day, why are we so shocked to see it in a print magazine? o-NICOLA-GRIFFIN-570 Not everyone is fit, not everyone wants to be fit. Not everyone is thin. Not everyone is 25. Does that mean they aren't sexy? We say hell no! Griffin is hopeful that the campaign will send a positive message. "I hope that women take away from this campaign that you can look fantastic at any size, any shape," she said on the Swimsuits for All website. "Healthy, happy, glowing at no matter what age you are, what size you are, just looking good, feeling good." These woman are absolutely stunning. [bctt tweet="Are They Old? Fat And Gross? We Say HELL NO!"] Being beautiful requires so much more than just being young and able to fit into a certain dress size. It is about having the strength and confidence to know that you are stunning and unique just as you are -- curvy or thin, toned or flabby, old or young, it doesn't matter. You have to love yourself where you are. Accepting your body as it is in this moment is the true path to beauty. The body positive movement is not about promoting obesity or encouraging laziness, it is about acceptance. Despite what many think, it is possible to accept oneself AND still want to improve one's fitness levels. Fitness isn't just about looks, it is about creating a body that functions at its best. Body positivity encourages us to love our bodies regardless of where we are in that functioning. At BodyRock, our goal is to make you the best you possible. How that 'best you' is defined, isn't for us to decide. We are not a site that caters only to the already fit. The free  BodyRock Beginner Bootcamp, for example, is designed for all beginners. No matter your age or weight, you can work out with us. The Intermediate Bootcamp is there for those who require something more challenging. We help you, without judgement, to reach your goals no matter what they are. philomena At the end of the day, if you want to put a bikini on your body, do it. Griffin says this is the first she's ever worn a bikini and has every intention of doing so again. Bikinis are never inappropriate! If wearing a two piece makes you feel powerful and sexy, go out there and own it! We stand behind you. And as the body positive movement continues to gain momentum, we hope to see more barriers collapse. We hope to see an even greater diversity represented in the fashion industry. Hopefully with that increased diversity will come a greater sense of tolerance and acceptance from the fitness community and society at large. Judging someone's body, be it fit, fat, or otherwise is just so passé. What do you think of this campaign? Do you think it is a positive step forward or do you think it is disgusting? Share your thoughts with us! Source: Mic, Huffington Post

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