Are You a Snack Addict? If So, You Might Relate to These 5 Things

Snacking seems to be a means of life for many. Three meals a day? Who can handle that?! Though there are plenty of theories out there that are either for or against grazing like a deer as the day goes on, it seems near impossible not to nosh on something between meals. But are your snacking habits healthy? Do you snag a bag of chips out of sheer boredom, or are you the type of person who chomps on an apple at 10am to avoid feeling famished and subsequently overeating come lunchtime? You may even be an addict... a snack addict that is. And if so, you'll probably understand the following:
  1. You're never full. Well, you were for a second, and you made sure to announce it. But now, five minutes have gone by and someone suggests pizza and you're so in. 2. You didn't even realize you were eating to begin with. ...wait, how did this bowl of popcorn get here?! 3. You're in a bad mood, so it's time to eat. enhanced-2907-1443018876-4 ...or you're in a good mood, so it's time to eat! 4. You're drunk, so snacking is relatively inevitable. You ate dinner an hour ago, but then you got drunk, so now you need chips and salsa. 5. You've decided to put an end to snacking, so now you can't stop thinking about snacking. The answer to your problem? Snacktime. Furthermore, if you experience being hangry, saving snacks in your purse, finding yourself spending more time picking out snacks at the grocery store than anything else on your list, or suggesting snacking as a means of hanging out with friends, then you might be a snack addict. Can you relate to any of these?

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