Are You Buttering Your Toast Completely Wrong?

One of the simplest breakfast mistakes that people have been making for years comes down to the way we butter our toast. Toast buttering certainly doesn't sound like an art form, but apparently there is a particular skill associated with it. hot buttered toast Raquel Pelzel is the author of a book which is called Toast, and within it she outlines the proper trick to a perfect butter application. It involves changing our way of thinking completely and doing something highly out of the ordinary - buttering our bread before we toast it. This process allows the butter to melt inside the toaster oven and seep into the bread. It provides a more even coating and distribution of flavour. No more worrying about awkwardly spreading cold butter on warm toast and no more hassle with trying to get an even spread. "I like to butter/oil bread before toasting (and salt it, too!) because the bread absorbs the fat—it seeps down into the crumb. After toasting (broiler/grill pan/grill/skillet), the top layer of the toast takes on a glowy/caramelized sheen and a crispness that is so good." explains Raquel, toasting expert.  There is a safety risk that comes with using this technique with a pop up toaster. It could cause a grease fire, and more importantly torch your toast. So stick to ovens or toaster ovens when using this trick.  What are your thoughts? Are you a before- or after-butterer? Source: The Kitchn

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