Are You Eating Your Lunch Wrong? The Right and Wrong Ways Revealed

Lunch doesn't seem to have a lot of rules. There's salads and there's sandwiches, but no one ever really questions why you're eating what you're eating. In fact, it seems to be the meal that you can get away with the most. Breakfast is dubbed the most important, while dinner tends to be the main event, with careful consideration given to how many carbs and calories you're consuming when little activity may follow. But what you eat in the middle of the day matters too, so stop overlooking it and learn the ways that you may be eating your meal wrong. 1. You eat lunch at noon. Most likely, you only ate breakfast a few hours ago, so you could probably hold off for much longer. And considering dinner isn't typically until much later, or at least after 5 when you're done with work, there are too many hours in between your lunchtime and your dinnertime, making way for an excessive amount of snacking in your future. Try eating a bigger breakfast that includes protein, then eat a small snack at noon, and enjoy your lunch a little later. 2. Your lunch is mainly carbs. Common lunch options are  sandwiches and chips, but giving yourself carb-heavy options only makes way for an energy crash which will then fuel food cravings mid-afternoon. Here's what your plate should really be looking like: lunch 3. You eat your lunch in T-minus two seconds. You blame either being ravenous or having lack of time, but slowing down will prevent indigestion as well as help you to feel more satisfied. 4. You drink your lunch. Those sodas and juices your washing down your meal with are simply spiking your blood sugar, which will lead to an increased appetite soon after. Stick with water! 5. You buy your lunch every day. ​Think about it. Your expensive deli sandwich costs you the same amount as what you could buy yourself at the grocery store for a week's worth of homemade sandwiches. lunch What do you eat for lunch typically? Source: Cosmopolitan

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