Are you really fat or just bloated?

Do you often wonder why your weight varies so much even when you're eating what you think is a balanced diet?  Well, it turns out that there are many factors to consider that make up the number on the scale.  Pause the negative self talk and consider: Time of weigh in You are at your lightest in the morning when you rise.  Why? Because you (hopefully) have not eaten for the hours you were asleep, natural respiration during sleep  caused you to lose some water weight and finally your body breaks down tiny amounts of muscle while asleep. Alternatively,  you will be at your heaviest in the evening after  a day's worth of meals. Your actual body composition Have you had your a body fat tested recently? If not, then you might want to consider it soon. Body fat testing procedures like the skin fold test measure the ratio of lean muscle to body fat and will tell you within a close range the percentage of of body fat you have. Visit  an experienced and professional trainer to get yours tested with a caliper ( best lay-person's method) then click here to see the range for body fat percentages and what they mean. Your diet before weigh in  You would be surprised by how much extra fluid your body can retain due to a diet High in salt: Eating meals away from home and buying packaged foods are the 2 main culprits for a salty diet which leads  to the dreaded "salt bloat". Fix: Make your own meals, save dining out for special occasions and read all food labels. Here is handy guide for recommended salt intake. Low in fiber: A diet low in fruit and vegetables is the main reason for low fiber which can keep you irregular. Improving regularity ensures proper waste elimination and waste eliminations means a flatter belly. Fix: Make an effort to get 2 servings of fruit and 3-5 servings of vegetables on daily basis. Low in water: Dehydration can not only leave you feeling sluggish but it can also cause your body to hold on to its water reserves more tightly which = bloat. Fix: Aim to drink 8-10 cups of water daily.  Not only will the water help to aid in the  digestion of the added fiber you're eating but when properly hydrated you will naturally excrete excess salt and toxins. So about that scale... it might be a good idea to put it away until  you know all of the facts about your particular diet and personal body composition.

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