Ariana Grande: "I have no t*ts!"

Pop star Ariana Grande proudly combatted a troll on her Instagram page who decided to mock her small breast size. Ariana trumped the body shaming troll by posting this snap of her wearing a sweatshirt which proudly states: "I have no t*ts"   Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 10.54.34 AM   The Nickelodeon star turned tiny, ponytailed princess of pop with sultry, Christina Aguilera vocals used hashtags like #perfectlypetite and #bodylove along with the post. My favourite in her slew of pound signs is "it's not about big t*ts or small t*ts, it's about loving YOUR t*ts." A true sentiment about body image, and she's not even showing any skin! Unlike many celebrities (cough, cough, Kylie Jenner) who feel they need to alter their bodies with surgery or injections to appease the critics, Ari is making a stand. Many petite and naturally thin girls are shamed about their body for not have what "all men are supposed to love", curves. Hopefully this bold statement will help mend body shaming about boob size and girls who are born with smaller, thinner frames. Don't worry about other peoples boobs, just learn to love your own! What do you think of Ariana's reaction? Let us know your opinion!  

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