Ashley Benson Slams Pretty Little Liars Airbrushed Poster

article-2522370-1A0CAA4A00000578-945_638x347 Celebrities lately have been raising awareness about the rampant use of photoshop, most notably, Jennifer Lawrence’s comment about her Dior Campaign,
“Of course it’s photoshopped, no one looks like that.”
The trend of overly photoshopped ads, campaigns, and movie posters has been a source of contention for quite a while.  Recently, Ashley Benson, one of the stars of ABC Family’s show ‘Pretty Little Liars, recently took to Twitter to blast her own, highly airbrushed, show poster. article-2522370-1A0CA5E700000578-187_638x628 She tweeted, “Saw this floating around...hope its not the poster.  Our faces in this were from 4 years ago...and we all look ridiculous.”  She then added,
“Way too much photoshop.  We all have flaws.  No one looks like this.  It’s not attractive.”   ashle
The poster showed Ashley and her co-stars all with flawless complexions, luxuriously thick hair, and perfect makeup. article-2522370-1A0CA61B00000578-385_638x580 Ashley's Co- Stars: article-2522370-1A0CA99200000578-917_644x747 Lucy Hale article-2522370-1A0CA93300000578-8_640x811 Shay Mitchell article-2522370-1A0CA8E400000578-519_638x679 And Troian Bellisario. The backlash against photoshop and advertisers comes at a time when society is beginning to feel the effects of unattainable beauty standards amongst our most vulnerable.  Young women and girls.  Young girls are wearing makeup at younger and younger ages and dressing to emulate those celebrities they admire the a word they are skipping childhood and going straight to young adulthood.  Perceptions about reality have become so terribly skewed.  What happens to a society that can’t tell reality from fantasy?  What happens to a society that all it wants is a fantasy? Perhaps this push for a much more realistic advertising campaigns is because society is starved for a little ‘normalcy.’  We grab up magazines and eagerly flip through the newspaper when there is a hint of scandal or fashion faux pas from a celebrity or public figure.  We want them to be human, we cut ourselves a break for not being able to be perfect constantly.

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