This Ashley Graham Lingerie Ad Was Banned from Television

This week, Addition Elle released a press release saying that, "The racy video of the Ashley Graham Lingerie Spring collection for Addition Elle was too hot to release on TV this season, so the provocative trailer will be released in theaters across Canada along-side the film 50 Shades of Grey and other R-rated films.” But why? It's beautiful, it's tasteful, and there isn't too much skin showing. Certainly it can't be because it is "too racy", if that were the case they would have to ban every single Victoria's Secret commercial that's ever existed. Which leads many to believe that it may be because she is a plus-size model, and promoting her ad could mean promoting an "unhealthy lifestyle". Graham has been making waves in the news recently as one of the first plus-sized models to be featured in advertisements by Sports Illustrated, and  has garnered support and praise from all over the world. She is changing what is "normal" in the commercial mainstream and paving the way for many women to follow. She is showing us that "healthy" doesn't necessarily mean pencil-thin, and that despite what advertising companies might think--consumers want to see real women with real bodies and curves. Watch the video for yourself, and tell us what you think!      

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